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Book Extract; Wilson Indeed by Steve Walsh.

Originally posted on Chicks, Rogues and Scandals; 12 September 2021


Wilson Indeed by Steve Walsh.

Series: The WiFi Dreams Series #1

Genre: Fantasy, Contemporary Romance

In The Market Square, the fantastical setting for all his dream activities, Wilson Armitage is able to take night classes on any subject and absorb a wealth of knowledge from just a few hours of sleep.  As though logging into a wifi of dreams to download information.  As his childhood passes, both wary of and reticent to acknowledge his extraordinary ability, Wilson attempts to lead a normal life and stay beneath the radar of family and friends.

At the age of seventeen however, his cover is blown by Daisy Meadowcroft.  During a chance encounter in The Market Square, they agree to meet the next day and are propelled from a dream world into the reality of a coffee shop in the centre of Manchester.  Enthralled by their shared gift, they strike up a close friendship and encourage each other to seek a rational, scientific explanation for their unique talents.

“If you believe there really are things out there that science can’t explain, you’ll enjoy this book.”  Mark Sampson, 11 Magazine.

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Wilson closed the shop door, Mark looked up, smiled and beckoned him over.

“Hey Wilson, how’s it going my friend? Haven’t seen you for a while. Speak of the devil and the devil walks in. Was just chatting about your problems restoring that old Vespa with… erm…”

‘Erm’ was leaning against the seat of a Harley Davidson with their back to Wilson. Wilson had been too busy acknowledging Sampson to notice whether ‘erm’ was a him or a her, but as the

customer turned to Wilson, the swish of a ponytail followed by a pretty face confirmed the ‘erm’

was definitely a her.

“Hi, I’m Daisy, Daisy Meadowcroft.”

She extended her hand.

For quite a few seconds nothing happened following the proffered handshake. It was as

though Wilson’s mental faculties had all scarpered and were peeking from behind a sofa

somewhere waiting to see what happens next. Wilson came to his senses and realised he was




1. completely taken aback; amazed or shocked

2. (rare) by lightning

And Wilson had been hit by the (rare) version.

Daisy Meadowcroft was quite simply the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen. He was face to

face with his dream girl and couldn’t shake her hand, because his palms were too clammy. So for

some reason, he stood on the balls of his feet to make himself look taller.

“Hi. I’m Wilson. Wilson Armitage.”

“So I can’t help you then?” Mark Sampson asked. He had an odd smile on his face as he headed

off to a partitioned corner that stood for an office.


For twenty years Steve Walsh honed his skills in prose as an advertising copywriter; the ‘ideas’ man in a Manchester based marketing agency that carried his name.

In the late 1990’s he stumbled into the world of the dotcom entrepreneur and his claim to fame is as the creator of the hotel booking service, and the first car insurance comparison site, So, the birth of Meerkats, a Welsh opera singer and being might be considered as down to him, for which he apologises. 

He now uses his vivid imagination and gentle Mancunian wit to write visionary fantasy novels with bold concepts. Wilson indeed, the first book in his trilogy The WiFi of Dreams takes the reader on a richly imagined, fact meets fiction adventure story to which we can relate and feel we can touch. A whimsical interrogation of the inexplicable and fundamental tenets of our lives – the role and meaning of dreams, the nature of the hereafter, hard and soft science, a love story – what more can you want? 

Butterfly Assassins, the second book in the trilogy, will be published in Summer 2021.

In a recent survey, 85% of people said yes to the question: “Do you believe there are things out there that science can’t explain?”

If you’re one of those 85%, you’ll love The WiFi of Dreams series.

Born and bred in the north west of England, Steve Walsh has three children and likes to fly fish in his spare time.

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