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Book Extract; The Old Dragon’s Head by Justin Newland.

Originally posted on Chicks, Rogues and Scandals on 11 December 2021. The Old Dragon’s Head by Justin Newland. Genre Historical Fiction, Fantasy Constructed of stone and packed earth, the Great Wall of 10,000 li protects China’s northern borders from the threat of Mongol incursion. The wall is also home to a supernatural beast: the Old Dragon.... Continue Reading →

Backstories by Simon Van der Velde.

Originally posted on Chicks, Rogues and Scandals on 22 September 2021 Backstories by Simon Van der Velde. Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Short Stories. Can you find the famous person hidden in every story? And once found, can you understand them? ‘Ingenious idea, brilliantly executed’ – Daily Mirror Backstories – ‘the stand-out most original book of the year’... Continue Reading →

Amongst The Mists by M.L. Raynor.

Originally Posted on Chicks, Rogues and Scandals on 11 October 2021. Amongst The Mists by M.L. Raynor. Genre: Thriller, Horror It was the most anticipated summer break of their young lives. For Bran Lampshire, that summer of 1986 would be far different. The lure of a wilderness adventure sends him and his friends on a troublesome... Continue Reading →

Five Dead Men by Rachel Green ~ Book Spotlight

Five Dead Men When the bodies of five men are discovered in a secret vault at the villa Belle Époque, suspicion falls upon the villa’s former owner, enigmatic Pascal Deveraux. Actor, gambler, general good-for-nothing – Pascal has lived a life of privilege and excess. But with no evidence to implicate him in murder, the case... Continue Reading →

Cielo by Jane Markland ~ Book Extract

Cielo WHO DO YOU TRUST WHEN YOU CAN’T TRUST YOURSELF? Following his release from Prison, Nathan arrives at Cielo determined to change his life for the better. After prison, and beating addiction, he has a vision, and he’s discovered a talent, a gift with plants. Max Harrison wants him to create a special garden, The... Continue Reading →

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